Citat I watched the first episode of Ashes to Ashes yesterday but I don't really feel like commenting on it - however I was inspired to do this, a Life on Mars picspam about why you should watch this serously amazing show.


And I woke up to life in 1973 )
Quote Sorry I'm spamming your flists today, but I realized I had some more things to say!

How cool is this?! AJ and Travis ♥♥♥!!!
I think mostly Asylum people will get the coolness of it, but still!

2. This is just stupid - why do a remake of one of the most perfect shows ever? Whatever you do, please watch the original British version instead of this.

Ok, I'm done now!
Citat I found this awesome John Simm photoshoot and I just had to use it for a Life on Mars wallpaper. Oh, the love for this show...! ♥

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Citat Life on Mars owns my soul. Period.
I totally caved after reading a couple of good reviews and watched the first episode of Torchwood yesterday. Awesomeness!!! I mean, how can you not love a show that has Captain Jack Harnkness in it and Snow Patrol on it's sountrack? See? It's not possible!

I'm also soon finished with the first season of Psych and can I just say again how much I love it? 'Cause I do! And how cool is it that they talked about Lawrence, Kansas on the show?! *g*

And to ruin my plan of watching less TV this summer (yeah, like that was really gonna happen!) more, Life on Mars is coming back with it's new season this Sunday! *yay!*

So, yeah, my plan didn't go very well... But I'm working on it!
And she's already made a list commenting all shows she's currently watching? Well this fangirl in particular (aka I) watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. And liked it. I don't know what surprises me more. [ profile] carro171 I blame you! Wink I also thank you, because thanks to you I understood everything that was going on!

I also wanted to recommend a British series called Life on Mars. It's a little weird but still very likable. (British accents = Heart) It's only 8 episodes so it's not the longest series ever, but I hear there's a season 2 coming up in England.

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