Citat I've said it before and I will say it again. I LOVE HEROES SO F*CKING MUCH!!!! *fangirls*
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I made this a while ago but I never posted it because it felt unfinished to me. I always figured I'd do something more with it but it's been in my computer for ages now and I still have no idea of what else to do with it so I guess I might as well consider it finished and share!
So yesterday I watched the Heroes season 1 finale but I wasn't in the mood for doing a "my-thoughts-of" post. But now I am, so here goes! If you don't want to know what happens in the finale, don't look under the cut.

You saved the cheerleader so that we could save the world )
So, yesterday was the big Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon, in order to catch up (like we really needed catching up, we were watching the movies for like the 53rd time!) before the big premier of the 3rd movie! And guess who's got tickets? *g* Anyway there'll probably be a post with my thoughts of the movie Wednesday.

In other news this week.
- Upfronts week! I'm happy because all shows I care about were renewed (I knew about most of them earlier except for Supernatural.) And I can't even bring myself to be the slightest upset about VM. They upset me so much this seaon I just stopped caring. It's sad because it used to be a great show.
- I got the letter informing me about my CAE English tests. There'll be two days filled with testing in June and I'm really looking forward to it. (Do I need to mention I'm weird?)
- Heroes rocks my world! (If my friends don't watch it when it starts airing here in September I might have to hurt them! Beware! ;))
- I've fallen in love with Muse. I love their music so much!
- I should be doing my homework now (studying for a science exam, a Spanish test and a German test) so I guess I should get going...
Heroes = Heart

Spoilers for unexpected )
I have to confess my newfound, growing love for Heroes! I've been watching it for a while but I thought it was time to make it official!

And I also think it's safe to say that you Paire shippers out there won me over - I'm one of you now! I love the Claire/Zach interaction too though, because they are so BFFs! Wink

Kinda spoilerish thought on Heroes 1x11 )

Can't wait for next year when we'll see more of our favourite superheroes! Superhero

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