Citat My day just got better when I found this in the mail! ♥

Citat I love this show so much it physically hurts. Seriously.

Anyone watch the finale yet?
Citat I watched the 2nd epsisode of Friday Night Lights season 3 yesterday and I just wanted to say I'm back to liking Julie. All she needed to do was be civil to Matt! Oh, I love this show so much! When I get home from England I need to have a FNL marathon!

Sorry, I just needed to fangirl a little! ♥
Quote I'm missing Friday Night Lights and it's making me want to buy the season 2 DVD set. Question is... should I?
Citat I love school when watching Friday Night Lights can be considered homework. It should be like that more often!
Citat I was watching FNL videos on youtube this morning and stumbled across this one. I'm not really a Tim/Lyla shipper but for some reason this video stood out to me.

And now I'm back to studying for my psychology test tomorrow. Luckily it's the last day of school before the Easter holidays. *g*

I just got home and found out about this! So not only will I get to see Jared and some of the other cast of Supernatural but also Adrianne from FNL! And I know she's there because she was in Supernatural but whatever. I'm so happy!!!
CitatI watched the new Friday Night Lights today and because I need to babble about it there are spoilers under the cut.

Oh, the love for this episode...! )

I really wanted to make some Tin Man fanart, but sometimes inspiration works in mysterious ways, because here's what I ended up with:

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Edward Cullen - Nature's Law
I love this song called Nature's Law by Embrace, and it just screams Edward to me so I had to use it for something. And yes, I know there's an official Edward now, and I have absolutley nothing against him, I'm just trying to get as close to my Edward as possible, so I'm sticking with Gaspard for now. Just picture our own Edward there, ok?

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Jane Eyre - Chapter One
Well, I already told you I love this series and I wanted something to decorate my desktop. I hate that there are so few pics to use though. :/
emmanette: (Supernatural - Dean <3)
Citat 1. I'm thinking about doing the Christmas card exchange thing again this year. I thought it was so much fun last year to receive pretty cards from all over. Anyone up for it? (In that case, I'll make another past that you can comment to with your address later.)

2. No new Friday Night Lights this week! :(

3. I've decided to try and watch a Spanish tv-show, just to keep my Spanish active even though I don't have Spanish class anymore... We'll see how that goes!

4. Forget what I said about speech writing being fun... but it has to be done!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Take care, ...
Citat I was feeling creative last night, so here you go, my very first Matt/Julie art. Also I have a new screen resolution on my laptop, hence the new format!

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me ♥ matt

Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:30 pm
Citat I love Matt Saracen! ♥♥♥

Some random spoilery thoughts on this weeks episode )

, ...
Citat Every Saturday morning I go for a run with my dad, and today I ran 5 kilometers, so I'm sitting here being proud of myself right now, before I'm watching the football (soccer) game on TV tonight.

And earlier, when I got home, I watched Friday Night Lights.
Thoughts )

Have a nice weeked everyone!
Heart, Love ...
quote [ profile] lovebit wrote about why you should watch Friday Night Lights. I thought it was so well written and explained why it's a good show much better than I could ever explain it myself. Cause as much as I hate to admit it, I love this show even though I was very skeptical about it in the beginning and thought I'd never be able to like this kind of show. Just read it and give it a chance!
Ok, so I spent the past week watching the first season of Friday Night Lights and I have to say I don't think I've ever had this many mixed feelings about a show! Part of me is hating it because it all feels so "put together" and predictable in many ways but another part of me is loving it for the exact opposite reasons! I know that makes no sense, but I can't describe it in a better way... They have a way of using storylines that usually end up making a story very unreal but they actually succeed in making it seem real. Or maybe it's just because I'm a sports fan and football (though sadly not the non-American kind) is a big part of it that I like the show.

Season one spoilers under the cut.

Dude, you need to chill out. I’m not ESPN. )
I finally managed to make some new fanart (I've been lacking inspiration latley)! Hope you like it. :)

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