Citat I know the vast majority of you don't even understand this video and among those of you who do I don't think anyone really cares, but I had to post this anyway because it made my day (and possibly even week) and it's the reason I can't stop smiling at the moment. ♥ ♥ ♥

IFK Göteborg
Swedish Champions 2007!!!

*throws confetti*

Yes, I'm a sports fan. I usually keep my livejournal free from sports talk but tonight is an exception becuse it's the Gothenburg football(soccer) derby, and my team is playing (obviously). Go IFK! *g*
This is all kinda random but I wanted to write about it anyway...

So, I'm back from the US - I had a great time and really enjoyed my stay there! I hope I can go again some day. :) I got to see Philadelphia and New York - both very cool places!

I'm also a little depressed now because Sweden isn't in the World Cup anymore - I'll get over it though! I am a huge football fan so I'm still watching the World Cup though.

And BTW, if you're looking for new fanart I'm afraid there aren't any, I'm just not in the mood for making it now and I have no inspiration at all. Which really sucks because I love making fanart... :( Anyway, as soon as I make something I'll post it here and on my website.

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