So I watched VM 3x01 today, and here are my thoughts...

Beware of the spoilers if you haven't seen it yet )

And I know I've promised to post pictures of my room, after the re-decoration - I haven't forgotten. There are still some furniture missing but it'll probably be ready the upcoming weekend. As soon as it's finished I'll post pictures!

Now I have to go watch House 1x03!
So today is my birthday! I'm now officially 17 years old. :) Since we redecorated my bedroom recently I got a lot of new furniture for my room. There are only a few things missing now - I promise to post pictures soon!

I haven't updated much of anything latley because school is keeping me busy. It's a lot of fun though, with all the languages, English, Spanish, German and Latin! And Swedish, but it doesn't really count. Unfortunatley we have to have subjects like maths and science too, but I guess it can be interesting sometimes.

Take care!
I made a new LoVe wallpaper! It kinda goes with my layout at the 9th sunset too.


Resources: Carton, Gender,
,, Stock Exchange

My room will probably be finished this weekend or early next week, and as soon as all the furniture is in place I promise to post pictures! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

I convinced my parents to let me order some clothes online after all!
Have a look:

1. Mac's heart & skull shirt here Thanks to [ profile] miss_strawberry for posting!
I also got two cool tanks, 1 and 2. All from Delias

2. I don't know if you've heard about the Cloud Watchers ([ profile] cloud_watchers) or their cafepress store. If you haven't you should check it out, because what they do is really amazing!
Here's what I got from their store, to support their projects: 1, 2 and 3

Today we also got a new floor and ceiling for my bedroom that we are redecorating. All that's left to decide now is the colour of the walls, and I still have no idea which colour I want... :/
You know how you read your horoscope and think it's all just a bunch of stupid nonsense? Or at least that's what I usually think... I'm a virgo and my horoscope always say I'm a perfectionist that likes to keep his/her things in order - I just realized that is so true!

The thing is that we are redecorating my bedroom - we're changing the floor, the ceiling, the walls... Everything! So now all my stuff has been moved out. I have no idea in hell where my stuff is and it's all a big mess now. And I'm exhausted from carrying my things and furniture around all day! At least I can look forward to getting a "new" room - not that it helps much when you're the-virgo-perfectionist-who-likes-to-keep-things-in-order! Well, I'll have to survive for a couple of weeks...! And oh, there is one other good thing - you get rid of a lot of old stuff that you don't use anymore, so you'll have room for the things that you acctually use.

Oh and BTW, if you have any random ideas on how to make a room look nice I'd be happy if you let me know! I'm kinda looking for inspiration from everywhere right now! And I promise, when everything is finished it'll be picture time! :D

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