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I passed my test!!!!!

And I want to thank all of you so much for your friendly comments and support! ♥ *squishes*
Citat Keep your fingers crossed, hold your thumbs (only one of them, it's what we do in Sweden for good luck!), send happy thoughts and wish me luck because tomorrow's my driving theory exam.

I can do this.
Citat 1. I have my driving theory exam on Thursday, the real one. Wish me luck! I spent four hours studying today (and I'll probably spend another few studying later tonight) and I'm also using the day tomorrow for studying. Sounds fun, right?

2. I received my copy of Breaking Dawn last week and I've read 8 chapters and I really have to force myself to pick up the book and read. I actually prefer reading my driving theory book and that's saying something. And because I have to talk about it a little, some random thoughts...
Spoilers for the first 8 chapters of BD and some really minor ones for the Host! )

3. When I was going home today I walked past the book store and they had a copy of "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy on display. It looked so pretty and the summary on the back actually intrigued me. Anyone know if it's any good? Because I don't feel like diving in to a 1200+ pages novel just because it was pretty and had an interesting back cover summary (any book can have that!). I was thinking about just watching the TV miniseries or something and if I like it, then maybe read the book...

♥, ...

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