Citat I want this t-shirt. Why does it have to be sold out? The world is not fair.
Citat I browsed some lj fashion communities last night, for inspiration. I went shopping in Gothenburg earlier in the day but didn't find a single thing I liked in any of the stores so I thought I'd check out what's available online. And I shouldn't have because there are so many pretty things and I kinda just want them all!

Anyway, below are some of my favorites from the stuff I found.
- Super cute Victorian Clutch bags by Pigeon Hole Bags
- White shirt dress from Delia's
- Brown Eylet Dress from Delia's
- Amazingly pretty jewelery from Anthology Accessories

And of course, all of Etsy is love!

Now I really need to get my thoughts back on homework.

Take care, ...
Today I went shopping for something to wear on Friday when this term in school is finally over! I found the prettiest dress and two pairs of shoes. I got some make-up and other stuff too and I figured pictures of that wouldn't be much fun, but there are pictures of the clothes under the cut.

Look what I bought! )
I'm so in love with this T-shirt! *wants* And they have so many other pretty designs too! Check them out!
I convinced my parents to let me order some clothes online after all!
Have a look:

1. Mac's heart & skull shirt here Thanks to [ profile] miss_strawberry for posting!
I also got two cool tanks, 1 and 2. All from Delias

2. I don't know if you've heard about the Cloud Watchers ([ profile] cloud_watchers) or their cafepress store. If you haven't you should check it out, because what they do is really amazing!
Here's what I got from their store, to support their projects: 1, 2 and 3

Today we also got a new floor and ceiling for my bedroom that we are redecorating. All that's left to decide now is the colour of the walls, and I still have no idea which colour I want... :/

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