Citat Every Saturday morning I go for a run with my dad, and today I ran 5 kilometers, so I'm sitting here being proud of myself right now, before I'm watching the football (soccer) game on TV tonight.

And earlier, when I got home, I watched Friday Night Lights.
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Have a nice weeked everyone!
Heart, Love ...
Citat My birthday is coming up soon and my parents have promised me a new computer since my old one is on the verge of giving up. We've been looking at laptops and the closest thing to what I want is the one in the picture below.

It's just, it comes in so many pretty colours and I have to decide which one I want if I'm getting this computer. And I'm hopeless at making decisions like this, I'm always afraid I'll get bored with the colour after a while and change my mind. So please tell me which one you like better:

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Today I'm going to the Swedish version of the Mamma Mia musical! I'm so excited! Just a little upset about the fact that all the ABBA songs has been translated to Swedish for the musical purpose (everyone in Sweden knows the songs in English too!). But I'm sure it's going to be great, a lot of people I know have seen it already and they haven't had one bad thing to say about it! I'll post tomorrow and let you know what I thought about it.

(Oh and BTW, for those of you curious - my team won yesterday! :D)
So, yesterday was the big Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon, in order to catch up (like we really needed catching up, we were watching the movies for like the 53rd time!) before the big premier of the 3rd movie! And guess who's got tickets? *g* Anyway there'll probably be a post with my thoughts of the movie Wednesday.

In other news this week.
- Upfronts week! I'm happy because all shows I care about were renewed (I knew about most of them earlier except for Supernatural.) And I can't even bring myself to be the slightest upset about VM. They upset me so much this seaon I just stopped caring. It's sad because it used to be a great show.
- I got the letter informing me about my CAE English tests. There'll be two days filled with testing in June and I'm really looking forward to it. (Do I need to mention I'm weird?)
- Heroes rocks my world! (If my friends don't watch it when it starts airing here in September I might have to hurt them! Beware! ;))
- I've fallen in love with Muse. I love their music so much!
- I should be doing my homework now (studying for a science exam, a Spanish test and a German test) so I guess I should get going...
I'm having a cold and I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days now, and it's my holiday week and everything! Sad Anyway, yesterday was Supernatural day so at least there was something to cheer me up! Or not - because what happens in the middle of the episode? The TV transmitter for our area decides to break down! Mad Seriously, it couldn't have picked a worse time.

I still have no inspiration for new fanarts and it's killing me...! The only good thing about it is that I've had time to catch up on some reading, which is always nice!
Happy 3rd advent!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! It's too bad it's soon over but this is the last week before the holidays so I'll live... I'm still not feeling the Christmas spirit though...! And I can't believe it's just a week left until it's actually Christmas! I spent this weekend shopping, I got some nice clothes to wear on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and also some gifts. There might be pictures later if I have time - right now I have a ton of homework to finish!
Happy first advent!

I love advent because it's so pretty with all the light everywhere in everyone's window! It what gets me in Christmas mood!

Today I have a new Veronica Mars fanart to share! It might be considered a little spoilerish if you haven't seen episode 3x09 yet so I put it under a cut just to be safe!

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It's been a long time since I posted any fanart here and yesterday I made a wallpaper I thought I'd share! Smile It's Sarah Wayne Callies, from Prison Break.

Free Image Hosting at

Resources: má qui na, [ profile] gender

And I can't make this post without mentioning the best thing about Mondays in Sweden -
tonight! Grin If it wasn't for that I wouldn't survive Mondays! And today was worse than normal because I had this really wierd dream about my car being stolen, except I don't have a car, I didn't even own one in my dream... Because of the dream I didn't sleep well though and I was extra tired today Sad
New layout! Not so sure I like it, but oh well... I needed a change so it's good for now!

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