Citat I finally finished Breaking Dawn. At first I didn't even want to comment on it all all, then I had this long rant prepared but finally I thought that since most things have probably been said already there were just a few thoughts I wanted to add.

Some spoilerish thoughts )
Citat Breaking Dawn has subconsciously turned me in to a Jacob/Leah shipper.
Citat 1. I have my driving theory exam on Thursday, the real one. Wish me luck! I spent four hours studying today (and I'll probably spend another few studying later tonight) and I'm also using the day tomorrow for studying. Sounds fun, right?

2. I received my copy of Breaking Dawn last week and I've read 8 chapters and I really have to force myself to pick up the book and read. I actually prefer reading my driving theory book and that's saying something. And because I have to talk about it a little, some random thoughts...
Spoilers for the first 8 chapters of BD and some really minor ones for the Host! )

3. When I was going home today I walked past the book store and they had a copy of "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy on display. It looked so pretty and the summary on the back actually intrigued me. Anyone know if it's any good? Because I don't feel like diving in to a 1200+ pages novel just because it was pretty and had an interesting back cover summary (any book can have that!). I was thinking about just watching the TV miniseries or something and if I like it, then maybe read the book...

♥, ...
Citat People, keep your thoughts/comments on Breaking Dawn under cuts, ok? Because, apparently Breaking Dawn is sold out everywhere in Sweden. Not even all the people who pre-ordered a copy got one, wich means I don't have one yet. And checking my f-list and ending up being completley spoiled about the book is just not cool. *makes angry face* And it's not that I care that much about Twilight, I just hate reading books knowing how they're going to end.
Citat 1. I'm soooo tired right now! There was a shortage of staff at work today, beccause apparently some people just didn't show up. We're normally about 30 people working at the same time, and now we were somewhere around 15 which meant a lot more work for those of us who actually showed up. *sigh* And everyone was really stressed which was... stressful!

2. I just got tickets for the Dark Knight! I was supposed to see it last Saturday but there was a change of plans, so I'm seeing it tomorrow instead. I'm ridicolusly excited for being someone who normally doesn't care about Batman at all.

3. And speking of movies - I found out that the Twilight movie premieres in Sweden on the 6th of March 2009! They've got to be kidding...! o_O

♥, ...
CitatI watched the new Friday Night Lights today and because I need to babble about it there are spoilers under the cut.

Oh, the love for this episode...! )

I really wanted to make some Tin Man fanart, but sometimes inspiration works in mysterious ways, because here's what I ended up with:

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Edward Cullen - Nature's Law
I love this song called Nature's Law by Embrace, and it just screams Edward to me so I had to use it for something. And yes, I know there's an official Edward now, and I have absolutley nothing against him, I'm just trying to get as close to my Edward as possible, so I'm sticking with Gaspard for now. Just picture our own Edward there, ok?

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Jane Eyre - Chapter One
Well, I already told you I love this series and I wanted something to decorate my desktop. I hate that there are so few pics to use though. :/
Citat I just checked Stephenie Meyer's website for Twilight news and found that there's a replica of Bella's bracelet for sale. It's really cute but way expensive. Anyways, I thought I'd share. *g*
Citat I was bored earlier so I played around a little with photoshop and ended up with this. It was all kinda random really.
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And I also made two Edward/Bella manips )

Have a nice weekend, Heart 2 ...
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This is something I made today during my break in studying. I made the manip a couple of days ago and wanted to use it for something, so here you go! :)
After finishing New Moon, a trip to Jönköping to see the musical Grease and coming back home again I found some inspiration for a new Twilight/New Moon fanart. Enjoy!

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Today New Moon arrived - but it's not just that, it's the New Moon special edition with the first chapter of Eclipse at the end! *is excited!* From what I've heard it wasn't being released until May 5th so I was a little surprised...! Not that I mind of course! *goes to read*
I finished Twilight yesterday and I really loved it so here's my first Twilight fanart, featuring Gaspard Ulliel and Emily Browning as Edward and Bella.

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Resources: Hybrid Genesis, Tokyo

Now I'm waiting impatiently for New Moon to get here!
Guess what arrived today?! *Points at icon* Twilight! Now I'm off to read!

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