Citat So, now I'm in London at this Internet cafe, today has been really great. First we went for a walk through Hyde Park, and then we went to Harrods and Harvey Nichols where everything is super expensive but it's cool to look at all the things anyway. We also bought tickets for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we're wathing it on Sunday at the cinema in Leicester Square where it premiered, it'll be so awesome! The whole cinema was covered in Harry Potetr stuff (I got pictures of it and I'll probably post some of them when I get home!). We also wen't to King's Cross which is really beutiful, and they have obvious connections to a certain books series I like... *g* They also have loads of Doctor Who stuff here in London, and other fangirly thigns, so I love it here!

I'll try to update again as soon as I can! Take care everyone!
Citat I decided to do the big Harry Potter meme in hope for some more coherrent thoughts.

Again, SPOILERS! )
Citat So, last night I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (it took a little longer than I expected to finish it because my family - who claims they don't care about Harry Potter at all - kept interrupting me and asking about what was happening) and I'm not sure it's really dawned on me yet, that it's all over. Some more thoughts on the book under the cut!


I'm taking a break from the internet for a couple of days, to avoid spoilers before I get my hands on the final book! I'll be back when I've finished it. Until then, take care and enjoy the book! :)
Tonight I finally got to see OotP and here are my thoughts. Under a cut for spoilers.

The Rebellion Begins )
I love my mom!

Look what she made me! )
I'm such a Harry Potter fangirl these days! *g*

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